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Aug. 26/2015

Illuminatti Wife U Tube video, Silk Road 3/Dark Web Pedophilia, drugs & arms, black ops + Haarp.net information: Google & read for yourselves.

I have explained what I have personally witnessed & experienced in my journals locally & from trusted global investigations journalists/allies connecting the dots so all of mankind can protect themselves from EMF pollution to what has been hidden, but if researched – in plain sight.

Everything & everyone globally is at risk financially, physically, legally & spiritually.

Helter Skelter is now happening from Jade Helm-15’s “Master of the Human Domain”, Isis, Code Pink-Communist Party agenda, to what we are exposed to from pharmaceutical companies, the food we eat, water we drink, biological warfare etc & nuclear agreements from corrupt govt’s & politicians. I am constantly at risk for providing the info to protect yourselves & family. Read “Custer’s Fall” The Indian Side of the story to know the truth about what really happened at the Battle of the Little Big Horn with Custer & the Manifest Destiny & Genocide used against Native American people for the Western Expansion agenda.

History always repeats itself & now it is being done globally to reduce global population by any means necessary by those who took an oath to serve & protect us – not the military boys fighting, being left to die either on the battlefields or in VA hospitals, not the honest law enforcement officers being set up to fail, but those elitist & politicians who firmly believe we are too stupid to govern ourselves – We the People!

The Gift of Prophecy I possess came directly from Creator & the matriarchal Sitting Bull lineage, which I am a descendant of. I was give the verification & enablement from Ceremonial Chief & Holy Man, Oglala Tetuwan Lakota Frank Fools Crow, and why I was sent as many others to protect mankind from evil & the darkness.

You know their fate for doing so, and I have little doubt from what I have seen 1st hand & experienced shall be mine too.

Stay pure, believe in Creator & survive at all cost.

Mitakuyne Oyasin,
Heche tu elo
Looking Back Woman
August 26/2015


We are not now that strength which in old days
Moved earth and heaven, that which we are, we are,
One equal temper of heroic hearts,
Made weak by time and fate, but strong in will
To strive, to seek, to find, and not to yield.

Alfred, Lord Tennyson; Ulysses

It’s all connected ..

“A stone that stands alone will never be ground to sand” Given to LBW when she was 13 in Catholic Girls’ School facing the programming.

The threat from Richard Two Elks to Looking Back Woman  occurred August 8, 2008 6am pst
the following video was recorded April 2010, during the Richard Marshall trial.

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“Keep your fiends close and your enemies closer.”

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Suzanne Dupree
also known as

Looking Back Woman
whose father

Calvin Dupree
was bestowed the

Cannunpa Wakan

( Sacred Ceremonial Calf Pipe )

Cannunpa wakan wan oyate wicakahi kin heon,
Tokel econ wicasi kin hena ohinniyan ecunk’onpi kte,
Taku sica kin etanhan yuheyab unyuhapi kta.
Lecel ecunk’onpi kta ohinniyan awauncinpi kte.
Pilamayaye lo, Wakantanka.

The Sacred Pipe she gave to Our people
Will always be used as she did tell,
To keep it away from those of evil
To use it in the light of Wakantanka.
This we will strive to do.
Pilamayaye lo Wakantanka.
~~Lakota Prayer

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