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Tuesday, December 01, 2009 

response to David Swallow, Lakota Country Times

Greetings relatives,

First, I must say thank you, to Creator, for the strength and courage to write these words. Second, I must apologize to you, my Relatives, for having to write these words. But, the time has come.

On November 24, in Lakota Country Times, page A7, Letter to the Editor, David Swallow, Jr., Wowitan Yuha Mani, issued a statement to everyone. In the statement he spoke of his interpretation of the message of the White Buffalo. In this letter he made the following accusations:

1) I am taking advantage of this situation, to benefit financially from the message of the White Buffalo.

2) I am scamming all our Relatives, that I am a liar, that I cannot face facts and I hide behind Mary Johnson and other Elders.

3) I came to him four times to finish my Sundance commitment because another Lakota man would not let me dance.

4) He allowed me to dance for one year.

5) I never contributed a dime to his Sundance.

6) Creator burned my trailer house down because of these things.

For three years I have tried to quietly ignore these accusations. I have listened as the Elders instructed me to be humble; to be compassionate. I have now been instructed to respond. And as plain as I can make it, regardless of the harm that may befall me, David Swallow is a liar. For three years I dealt with him using me to get money out of my pocket. Every time he called I sent him money. And he called two and three times a week. Many were present during those conversations. When the electric company was pulling his meter because he gambled away the money for the bill, I paid the electric company on the spot over the phone. I paid for gas for him to travel to Deadwood, and gamble there. I paid for gas to and from Devils Tower. I sent him money for groceries. I paid to have his vehicles repaired. I paid the van he drives. I raised the money, some out of my own pocket, for him to travel to Pennsylvania. I paid for his expenses while he was here. I sent him more money when he left and got halfway home. I sent him $500.00 out of the first years powwow. Does he not think these records are available? Does he think he can simply say these things and I will go away? I have fought against him and his numerous attempts to get into this place, take over and suck the life out of everyone here. The only way I am leaving this post is if a) the owners of this facility ask me to leave or b) someone kills me.

I have given my life for this commitment. I make no money, and do not benefit. I remember to put our Relatives first, something David Swallow forgot. Yes, at one time he was a medicine person. He no longer is. Creator took that power away from him, because he misused and abused it. Stripping women in the lodge. Selling ceremony. Lying to white people to get money from them so he can gamble. Sexual encounters. The Elders do not like that he has made this public instead of coming to them. The Elders are well aware of his behavior. His reputation his well known. How he has abused his position and authority. How he has hurt people. How he has worked people for money. And publicly disrespecting his wife’s mother? An Elder of the Lakota Nation. A medicine person should be humble, compassionate and in harmony. Is this the behavior of a medicine person?

I came to David Swallow one year. I waited four days and was given permission to dance. I had danced one year previously in Rama under Bazel Braveheart at Leyton Cougars place. Bazel would not let me dance my visions. David did. But only because he thought he saw an opportunity to use me and take advantage of me. I knew what he was doing, and even attempted to defend him. After dancing for three years at his Sundance, I completed of my four year commitment and I left. At the end he tried to make me stay another two years, because he said I was weak. What he wanted was two more years of money from me.

I do not hide behind Mary Johnson or other Elders. Mary Johnson saw what David was doing to me, and stepped in to guide and assist me, because she saw I was trying to serve our Relatives. I deal with these Elders because they are not greedy and manipulative. They arent always looking to scam people out of money and hurt people. In other words, they arent like David Swallow. With the advent of the reservation system, it created a predator/prey lifestyle. David Swallow is a predator. He uses people to get what he wants, and throws them away when he is done. He is well aware this facility has immense financial assets. And he desperately wants to get in here and milk this place for everything he can get. The only thing stopping him is me. I actually live the original instructions. I give away everything I have. Money, cars, food, clothes. To anyone who needs. I have nothing, and get nothing for what I do here. All I do is provide for those Elders and Leaders who choose to come here. I raise money to pay their travel expenses, feed them, take care of them, and make sure they get home safely. I do not, have not, and will not ever make a dime for what I do. I live on a disability pension of around $1000 a month. I spend the majority of that on everyone else. I go without everyday. I have nothing, live alone, drive a beat up rez truck with 200 thousand miles on it. Where the hell am I profiting from, exploiting or benefiting? Yes, I live in an apartment here. But I was asked to live here. I offered to live in a tow behind trailer, with no utilities or facilities, in order to be here and keep this commitment, and keep predators like David Swallow from taking advantage of it. Before this I lived in a maintenance building. Basically a public restroom.

Everyone here involved in this does this for everyone else. Everyone here understands this isn’t about us, and gives everything of themselves for these two Sacred Animals, and the message they bring. Elders from many Nations have come and seen this to be true. Headman from many Societies have come and seen this to be true. All support the work we are doing out here. We put our Relatives first, everyday. David Swallow sees a gold mine, and he wants to drain it dry. You will have to kill me first. These are wonderful people who have stepped up, when no one else would, to provide for these Sacred Animals. I for one will do everything in my power to protect them from the predators in Indian Country. Predators like David Swallow, Jr. 

This letter is written with the explicit permission, understanding and complete approval of Mary Johnson, Lakota Elder, Pine Ridge

Friday, December 04, 2009 

PA White/Black Buffalo, Harvey Arden

from Harvey Arden, Author, Publisher

"Have you thought of Leonard Peltier Lately?"


I spent 3 days in mid-Nov at the new white/black buffalo compound at Nemacolin Estates, PA. Hawk invited me and many Elders, including my close longtime friend Nagi Whiteowl from SE Missouri and other Elders from Pine Ridge etc. I was already aware of Hawk’s poor reputation in some circles recently; maybe some of it’s true; maybe not.

Imperfect though he (and all of us) may be, he’s been put by Creator in an extraordinary position: hands-on keeper of the PA White Buffalo/Black Buffalo, with the blessings of an elderly man of great wealth (and heart), also God-sent I believe. I know I’m the one who said some months ago that the “double divine birth” story was ‘BS’; so it seemed to me then, though I regret speaking so crudely. I never questioned the sacredness of the White Buffalo/Black Buffalo. Quite simply, I didn’t buy that double divine birth story after a visit to the zoo where the animals were last year, before being taken to Nemacolin and treated like the sacred beings they are. Others DO ‘believe’ it, though I’m still not much of a believer myself, but when I saw the 2 buffalo—full-size at 2-3 years of age, one strikingly orangish white, the other jet black, seemingly aglow standing against the lucid pink afternoon sunlight that Saturday afternoon—I was at the microphone speaking to the crowd at that moment—the chills crept over me.

Divine birth or not, these are definitely VERY SACRED animals. Not an Elder there denied that. As I spoke to the crowd, I found myself speaking of a ‘vision’ that was coming on me—just my thought, actually, but quite urgent somehow. I saw President Obama standing in that very spot giving–and receiving–a blessing to & from the 2 sacred buffalo. I also saw Arvol & Paula beside the President as I saw them in front of the UN a few years back, Arvol in his stunning white regalia, Paula behind him singing so beautifully as Arvol performed an exquisitely moving ceremony with the buffalo skull and c’anumpa. I saw Hawk standing there, just staying in the background and feeling blissfully aware how privileged he—and all of us—were to be there with the President & the Keeper of White Buffalo Calf Maiden’s c’anumpa…all before a REAL White Buffalo!!

If I were to add one small element to the ‘vision’—it would be David and Hawk praying together, their hostilities healed. This would be the Great Healing indeed—called for years ago by Arvol. I can say Hawk treated me and the others with the greatest courtesy and attention. I saw him pass out many $–including $40 in cash to me personally to take the RR home to DC. He’s not paid, but given a place to stay & lives on a small disability payment. If he seems to some to ‘hustle’ for bucks, I know few folks, both good and bad, who aren’t doing the same. Regarding his obligation to the White/Black Buffalos, it seems to me utterly sincere. I wish ALL of us would come to his assistance. We ALL need to be healed—not to mention the rest of the world as well. I think White Buffalo Calf Maiden is using each & ALL of us for higher purposes. If we can heal ourselves, with the White Buffalo/Black Buffalo’s help, maybe Arvol’s Great Healing will spread to the rest of the world. That’s up to us, we, ourselves, each of one us.

Thanks for listening. Blessings, /Harvey Arden

Monday, November 16, 2009 


Cante Tenza Okolakiceye
Strongheart Warrior Society of Lakota Nation


For Immediate Release:  Monday, November 16, 2009

Contact: Duane Martin Sr, Headsman, Cante Tenza,  605-517-1547

Announcement Follows Traditional Native Ceremony at Nemacolin Sanctuary

Farmington, Pennsylvania – On Monday November 16th, Cante Tenza the Strongheart Warrior Society of the Lakota Nation, announced the warrior society will oversee protection for the sacred white and black buffalos living at the Nemacolin Resort near Farmington, Pennsylvania.

Cante Tenza Okolakiceye, which has included famous Lakota warriors such as Crazy Horse, Sitting Bull and No Ears, and the Tokala Okolakiceye Kit Fox Warrior Society sent representatives to the Saturday Wopila (thank you) ceremony to protect the ceremony and its participants and to ensure traditional protocols are being followed related to the Inipi (Lakota sweat lodge) ceremony and other sacred aspects regarding the care of the buffalos and the donated land for their sanctuary.

"We are honored to come here with direction from the Grandmothers to ensure balance and traditional protocol is followed related to the recognition of the sacred white and black buffalos," said Cannunpa Gluha Mani (Duane Martin Sr.), headsman of Cante Tenza. "These beings are sacred to our people and their colors of white and black show us that we must all return to balance through the renaissance of traditional language and lifeway."

Cante Tenza will ensure the 50 acre buffalo sanctuary which is free and open to all people  continues to be welcoming to Native people who would be concerned traditional ways are being honored on site.

"We have welcomed Hawk Goodfire (Holikachuk,Shawnee) and Mark "Kingfish" Wassler (Shawnee) of Buffalo Messengers into Cante Tenza to watch over the buffalo and traditional protocols," explained Cannunpa Gluha Mani. "They have been with the buffalo from the beginning and can help to ensure fairness and balance are practiced going into the future."

Representing the Tokala Okolakiceye was Louis Janis, who along with Martin are both Tetuan Oglalla Judiciary Council members.

Elders of numerous Indigenous nations have been coming to honor the white buffalo since its birth in November 2006. Both the white and black buffalo were transferred to Nemacolin in mid October of this year leading to Saturday's ceremony that included visitors from the Lakota, Shawnee, Oneida, Mohawk, Cherokee and Crow nations. Strongheart's announcement adds another level of significance to this historic event.

Cannunpa Gluha Mani said, "We want to bring our Lakota Elders to visit these sacred beings in the months to come. Ensuring traditional protocols are being followed will help to support the visits from our Elders and Elders of other Indigenous nations."


David Swallow Speaks on the Birth of Wisconsin White Buffalo Calf
By Stephanie M. Schwartz,
Freelance Writer – Member, Native American Journalists Association
© September 18, 2006 Brighton, Colorado Stephanie M. Schwartz


To nearly all the American Indian Nations and Canadian First Nations, white buffalo calves are considered highly sacred. To the Lakota, Dakota, and Nakota Siouxan Nations, they play a primary role in their traditional beliefs and prophecies.

Since the rare birth of the white buffalo calf, Miracle, on the Heider Family farm in Janesville, Wisconsin in 1994, numerous white
buffalo calves have been born across the country. Interestingly, like Miracle, most of these calves have been born on farms owned by non-Native American people.

Additionally, as a symbol of hope for peace, people from many cultures have come to know about and honor these creatures.

Miracle died unexpectedly in 2004 of natural causes at only ten years of age; an event which created shock across the indigenous nations and around the world.

Now, another sacred white buffalo, named Miracle's Second Chance by Valerie Heider, has been born on the same farm in Wisconsin during a lightning storm on August 25, 2006.

David Swallow, Teton Oglala Lakota traditional spiritual leader from the Pine Ridge Reservation, spoke today on the significance and message he sees in this calf's birth.

He clearly believes that the name for this calf was actually part of the message. He said, "The name is right, it is no accident, the
birth of Miracle's Second Chance is yes, a second chance for all humanity." 

And since, to his people, lightning represents the destruction of evil, Swallow feels the message is the strongest yet.

Swallow went on to explain that, "It is not the normal average person or even the normal government people who bring such danger and destruction to the world. It is those who walk in greed and envy who feed the prophesied many-headed serpent who is foretold to consume its supporters."

Swallow explained that the traditional stories of his people tell that the Sacred White Buffalo Calf Woman came at a time of great need and great strife and war to bring the people back to peace, to living in a good way.

She initially appeared to two men. In this first encounter, one of the men was honored, the one who showed respect and right spiritual action. The other was consumed and turned to dust because of his evil intentions.

Swallow believes so it will happen in our world again today, "The birth of this calf symbolizes this, that evil will be destroyed," he

His words spoke that, "It is time that the white nations and all mainstream cultures return to living in a good way, in peace and harmony with each other and with Grandmother Earth. Only by doing so, will life continue in our world."

But Swallow was clear that there was also a message for the indigenous nations as well. He pointed out that the Sacred White Buffalo Calf Woman had brought the sacred c'anunpa, the sacred pipe, to his people that they might use it to pray in a good way so that their sincere prayers might be heard by the Divine.

Swallow issued a call to all those who carry a c'anunpa. He said, "The Sacred Pipe carriers, whether they are Native American or not, need to get their sacred c'anunpas out and use them every day to pray for peace and harmony to return to our world in a good way. 

Pray that the "money" people will wake up and stop destroying Grandmother Earth for profit and that her health will return. You can make a difference, a very real difference. The c'anunpas need to be used for this purpose by all who carry them. They need to do this every day and to walk with these prayers in their hearts"

Swallow continued, "My English is not good. I have to be careful because sometimes I use the wrong words and am misunderstood. But everyone needs to understand this clearly: We all need to pray, whether you have a c'anunpa or not, whether you are American Indian or not. We need to pray because it will only be by prayer that the world will be saved. It will only be by
prayer that the hearts of those who are destroying the world can be changed."

Swallow ended by saying, "I have said this is our second chance for humanity. I pray that people will wake up and hear the message. Our lives and our world depend on it." "Ho hecetu yelo, I have spoken."


This article may be re-published free of charge as long as the author gives permission, retains the copyrights, and the article stays
unaltered with proper attribution given.

Stephanie M. Schwartz, Freelance Writer, may be reached at SilvrDrach@gmail.com