Spiritual Quotes

As Floyd Hand tells it, a beautiful lady in a rainbow ­colored dress appeared to him in a vivid dream May 1997 and said she soon would bring a message of peace and unity to mankind.

Statement by Floyd Hand


Nothing is more real than the woman's superiority.

It is they who really maintain the tribe, the nobility of blood, the geological tree, the order of generations and conservation of families. In them resides all the real authority: the lands, the fields and all their harvest belong to them; they are the soul of the councils, the arbiters of peace and war, they hold all the taxes and public treasure; it is to them that the slaves are entrusted; they arrange the marriages; the children are under their authority; and the order of succession is founded on THEIR blood..

..The Council of Elders which transacts all the business does not work for itself. It seems that they serve only to represent and aid the women in the matters in which decorum does not permit the latter to appear or act..

The women choose their chiefs among their maternal brothers or their own children.

Quote Father Joseph-Francois Lafitau Customs of the American Indians compared with the Customs of Primitive Times (1724)

Cannunpa wakan wan oyate wicakahi kin heon,
Tokel econ wicasi kin hena ohinniyan ecunk'onpi kte,
Taku sica kin etanhan yuheyab unyuhapi kta.
Lecel ecunk'onpi kta ohinniyan awauncinpi kte.
Pilamayaye lo, Wakantanka

 The Sacred Pipe she gave to Our people
Will always be used as she did tell,
To keep it away from those of evil
To use it in the light of Wakantanka.
This we will strive to do.
Pilamayaye lo Wakantanka.

~~Lakota Prayer