Star Knowledge

The Orion Belt Reality and
the Stone Builders message

When it is said all things are connected it is correct. The one consistent thing since Mother Earth was created and Creator made all things possible is that we have always had the Sun, the Moon, Stars and our Constellations. 

All ancient cultures and their faith, good or bad, have stemmed from and recognized the Star Nation and its ultimate hand in our existence, knowledge and enablement. 

Since ancient times, as humanity evolved, there have been secret societies in all races and cultures. Black, white, red and yellow – the four colors of man the four directional colors as in Lakota culture. 

All knew this common truth spanning Mother Earth. 

In Tetuwan Lakota culture the framework of our Inipi lodge (called sweat lodge by some) lays out the Constellations, the Star Nation and our paths to our Father Creator as we commune with our Father Creator, our ancestors and spirit world, as we return to the womb of Mother Earth to pray for guidance, strength, healing and enlightenment. 

We native peoples in ancient times were very close to Mother Earth and Creator and knew all good things came from the Suns rays in balance. And to maintain that balance the Sun needed the Moon, the Heavens and Stars. As above so below. 

It is a fact that what’s in the Heavens is in the Earth and what’s in the Earth is in the Heavens – a reality all ancient cultures recognized and preserved for future generations to acknowledge and respect.

The battle between good and evil has always been with us since our creation and a reality in all faiths, belief systems and laws of men recorded many times more than not in stone, Inyan in Tetuwan Lakota language. 

The Stone Peoples were first upon the earth to give us a firm foundation beneath the feet of man and beast and, as mankind developed we looked to the heavens for the answers of our existence and the Star Nation who came before us; who stands on guard to protect all mankind from destruction at our own hands. 

That knowledge has been preserved for us for countless centuries by the stone builders who have watched as great civilizations rose and fell all over Mother Earth, and as civilizations fell to gluttony and abuse of their fellow mankind and Mother Earth abundance. 

In many cases the only signs that remained of these prior empires were the skeletons of their stone creations, the Stone People who were here first and shall remain constant until the end.

Upon them – the Inyans – is told the stories of mankind’s successes and failures, good and bad behaviors and the messages of warning not to fall prey to our destruction and egos. 

Our forefathers, Free Masons, created a governmental structure called the Constitution to prevent those of us proud to be Americans from suffering submission and rule of one individual, party or ideological agenda….hasn't worked out so good, the Elitist Free Masons run the World….

The stone builders legacy in stone, their messages, and forethought is spread throughout America, the world and time, if only one would look around themselves at their amazing structures, obelisks, and even in the design of our money, to the very dome of the White House and our Statue of Liberty – 

All in alignment with Orion’s belt (the reminder of ancient belief of the goddess Isis, Star Woman, Morning Star, Blue Star Woman, Whope, White Buffalo Calf Pipe Woman who watches over us all, no matter what culture) as a symbol of freedom and democracy for all mankind; and why our forefathers, fought and died to preserve this star knowledge for liberty and justice for all.

Winter solstice alignment is upon us, look up to the heavens, pray whatever your faith and give thanks (this current alignment on the Orion constellation has not occurred in 36000 years as we enter into the crossroads of our continued existence) for if we perish from our own allowance of corruption and dishonesty good has become bad, bad good, celebrated and admired now by mankind.

The celestial message painted on the ceiling of Grand Central Station in New York is in reverse as if being looked down upon from above. It is not painted as such by chance. 

My former presidential choice, Ben Carson, said it perfectly to O’Reilly several nights ago "we must return to truth and honesty".

Pope Francis’ message given at the same time is also correct, "we must if we are to survive need to eradicate corruption from our governments and leadership and secure woman’s place in the balance."

*****And, both men must take their own advise, & not engage in or enable child sex trafficking or child sex abuse within their church/faith…but, their actions speak the loudest words!
Do as I say, not as I do!

*Once again Tennyson’s quote remains accurate:

We are not now that strength which in old days
Moved earth and heaven, that which we are, we are,
One equal temper of heroic hearts,
Made weak by time and fate, but strong in will
To strive, to seek, to find, and not to yield.

We must not yield to the evil and darkness of submission and terrorism of government agendas to destroy the legacy and message our corrupt Free Mason forefathers preserved for America, its allies and mankind.

*Again, this is the important part of history… the Constitution's structure of Democratic process actually came rightly so from 1st Nations peoples governmental structure, minus Women's place as the governor's of the Nation's/Tribes.

*And, after using us to survive, the very immigrants we helped tried to destroy us!

No matter how flawed by Free Masonry & hypocritical our forefathers were, the Constitution was formed by copying 1st Nations governmental structure, a true Democratic process where the will of the people ruled.
It also was a Matriarchal society, the Patriarchal concept came from the Old World, Europe…it was never a part of 1st Nations governmental structure.
The Women governed all things, the men aided when necessary.

The Pte Hincala Cannunpa Kin was sent from Creator and the Star Nation via Whope, Star Woman, to be used as a peacemaker between nations.

The laws of man are as flawed as man himself. Wakan Tanka-Creator's laws and instructions are supreme above all others. 

White Buffalo Calf Pipe Woman's gift of the Calf Pipe, message and instructions from Creator/Wakan Tanka were precise when she brought this vessel of prayer to be used in communion with Creator/Wakan Tanka and the Star Nation to us. 

Her teachings to us were the same message the stone builders have preserved right in the heart of New York City and Washington, DC & atop of the White House dome stands Star Woman, ever guarding Jesus' chosen people, under our very noses.

Mysteriously hidden, but in plain sight, much like the Free Masonry Secret Society itself.

BTW, Custer was a Free Mason, didn't work out so well for him when he got too greedy, self serving & decided against all reason & common sense of his Crow Scouts to take on the Tetons Seven Council Fires assembled not to fight Long Hair, who prior to attacking the Tetons had brother Tom Custer shear his flowing locks…

The Tetons & Cheyenne were gathered/assembled at the Little Big Horn to hunt & visit with relatives & kinsmen, they didn't even know it was Custer charging into the Little Big Horn River, where he was shot by my Ancestor, Joseph White Bull, before Custer put a bullet in his own head, knowing he had betrayed the oath he had taken when he smoked the Pte Hincala Cannunpa Kin with the Tetons & the highest Cannunpa of the Cheyenne to fight them no more…

*Custer left his seed upon the prairie with the Cheyenne, Yellow Bird…his son, with a Cheyenne Woman he raped.
There is evidence of Custer & his blue coats lust for our women & children, before murdering them along with the "Black" BUFFALO Soldiers.

So, this is just an informative piece of literature showing history is written fraudulently to justify crimes against humanity & mankind, but Wakan Tanka always allows the TRUTH to be revealed once the perpetrators are so entrenched in their lies & misdeeds, there is no exit for them other than their descent into Hells fire at death to join whom they served while here on Earth, & obviously it was Not Wakan Tanka nor Jesus Christ, our Lord!

The Sacred Pipe she gave to Our people
Will always be used as she did tell,
To keep it away from those of evil
To use it in the light of Wakantanka.
This we will strive to do.

Pilamayaye lo Wakantanka!

Hoka Hey!
Hechetu elo!
April 28, 2016