Historical Path

I have encapsulated the historical path that is documented historical/archival information pertaining to the original WBCP(s).

Martha Bad Warrior, ALH's Great-Grandmother was adopted by Old Man Elk Head, as he was called. This came about from his time at Turtle Mountain Manitoba during ceremony with the SCFC between 1834-1839, recorded in the Nicolette Journals from that time period.
Old Man Elk Head was the representative of the Seven Council Fires Council from the Cheyenne River region of the Western Teton Sioux.

Martha Bad Warrior was born in 1837, and from the Elk Head families recent information sent to me in Nov 07, was a Dakota from the North, not a Lakota by birth…well, North of Cheyenne River is Turtle Mountain, Manitoba, just over the medicine line of North Dakota.
I have cross referenced this information with the Eddie Herman Collection in the SI, that says Martha Bad Warrior was a Dakota…and, was the only woman "Keeper" ever of the WBCP.

What is the beauty of this information is there is no bloodline between Martha Bad Warrior & the Elk Head family…and, she obviously married into the Bad Warrior family, which has been a recognized family of "Keepers" of the original WBCP(s), and (is recorded as such, by Wilbur A. Riegert's info of Martha's telling of the linage of the Pipe(s) in "Quest for the Pipe of the Sioux, As Viewed from Wounded Knee" copyright 1975).

Since the origin of Martha's Dakota birthplace was the area where the governmental body of the Siouan Nation was located, it is understandable why she took it upon herself to take possession of the Pipe(s) from Old Man Elk Head when he died, because her family there at Cheyenne River was becoming Christianized.

From the family's tone, the Elk Head family was not pleased by this, but from Martha's original Dakota origin, could not dispute her claim to It, because the adoption, the making of relatives (Hunka Ceremony) between the Dakota, (which were the largest voting body of the Seven Council Fires Council) and, the Lakota "Keepers" of the Sacred Pipe(s), united the two Dakota/Lakota together by family (Oyate). The Dakota's larger voting ability would have allowed this to happen for the good of the people of the Seven Council Fires Council and all of mankind, as the original teachings of the Pipe(s) from WBCPW dictated from Creator.

The Seven Council Fires Council broke down in the 1860's because of war, and the death of Sleepy Eye, who was the Grand Chief of the SCFC, had not named a successor. The tribes of the SCFC never had the opportunity to rebuild itself because of this. However, from all indications it was always the intention that it be rebuilt, and why Fools Crow's presence at Turtle Mountain in the 1930's shows this intention to do so, by the making of the 14 Buffalo Calf Pipes Fools Crow commissioned Standing Eagle of Pipestone, Minnesota to make for this purpose.

One for each of the men, along with one for each their female counterparts of the Seven Tribes of the SCFC…balance.
This also allowed the women to regain their rightful place in society & ceremony that had been lost with the patriarchal colonial concept that tipped this balance from its matriarchal origin. We had been a matriarchal society before contact.

All of the information began to make sense, after the Elk Head information & the Eddie Herman Collection verified Martha's connection to the Turtle Mountain Dakota.

At the end of the day, the current information provided is not accurate, and is self serving, where the original intention of the Pipe(s) is for the good of all mankind.

I am writing the dissertation now to provide this to the people.

It has been quite a puzzle to reconstruct with the limited information available, (written mainly by non-native archeologists, from the deceptive data given them from the most current information available 1964-1967 & given to the Smithsonian, but with much controversy today) and, with so many other falsehoods out there by people with a personal agenda…but, it is my feeling this is about to change with this information.