Warren’s Story

This story was told to me by an elder a number of years ago. He used to come to Pipestone to get stone from George and Dick Bryan. This was copied from a letter he sent me in Oct 2006.

Warren's story .. from Pipestone, Minnesota

It was early summer in the early 1970’s I made my semi-annual pilgrimage to Pipestone. As I sat and talked with George, he showed me a piece of Alabaster and asked, what can be done with it? and I said carve a white Bison. He cut the stone in half and said we should both carve one. As we sat and carved he said he received a letter and a template from this fellow ( Wilbur Reigert ) from Wounded Knee and wanted him to make a copy of the Sacred calf pipe that was broken when AIM burned the Wounded Knee Museum. Wilbur make a tracing from the broken pieces. George then made a tin template and should still be with George’s other templates if Billy or Dick still have his things. After George died I visited his wife Winona and she still had the templates.

I was back in Pipestone a couple months later to get some stone from Dick. As Dick and I were Talking George arrived and had the finished copy of the Sacred Calf pipe. Dick had been working on the stem and it was finished. We sat and talked for a while and neither George or Dick wanted to see if the stem would fit. They asked me to see if I would set the stem in the bowl, and it did and it fit perfectly. I only remember that the stem was about 24” long and had carving on it. I thought it had turtles and skull carving ( Elk or Bison)? The stem was made of Ash and was flat and slightly oval.


NOTE: The pipe copied is not the Sacred Calf Pipe. It is the 7 Council Fire Pipe .. the governmental pipe of the Western Teton Sioux. REF: Wilber Reigert book, I Am A Sioux Indian (cover image).