The American Indian Mafia

AIM could not have existed without funding and support from certain quarters of the government. PR Log – Global Press Release Distribution   FBI finally admits the American Indian Movement was funded by the US government. By Looking Back Woman Dated: Mar 02, 2010 AIM could not have existed without funding and support from certain […]

12 Myths verses facts of AIM

"The principle office of history I take to be this: to prevent virtuous actions from being forgotten, and that evil words and deeds should fear an infamous reputation with posterity.” —Tacitus 12 Myths versus Facts Myth: Native American occupiers heroically defended Wounded Knee village from trigger-happy lawmen itching to turn a peaceful demonstration into a […]

The Legend Of Pine Ridge: Grandma Gildersleeve's Words Rise

Source: SUNDAY, JANUARY 20, 2008 Grandma Gildersleeve's Words Rise from Her Grave and Give the Lie to Ward Churchill and Russell Means! Banquo's Ghost Confronts MacBeth with his murders and usurpation of power. "[AIM] took complete control of the telephone service and local residents were not permitted to answer any of the phones. When my phone […]

AIM - Comments and History

Was the Truth Buried at Wounded Knee? AIMster Russell Means, who would later achieve international reknown as the voice of Powhatan in the Disney cartoon Pocahontas, took over the trailer home of a man confined to a wheelchair named Wilber Reigert. The terrorists pushed Wilber out of his home and made this disabled man's home […]

Leonard Peltier - A Concise History of Guilt

  The NPPA will respond to serious questions and challenges raised by Peltier supporters, as well as formal statements by Leonard Peltier and the Leonard Peltier Defense Committee. In the Spirit of Coler and Williams NPPA Any material from outside sources is reprinted under the "Fair Use Doctrine" international copyright law. Full copyright is […]

Voices of the People

Mr. Kevin Gover, DirectorNational Museum of the American Indian PO Box 23473 Washington, DC 20026 Dear Mr. Gover, Congratulations on the fifth anniversary of the National Museum of the American Indian. The museum showcases a masterful display of Indian culture and artistry and has become a wonderful addition to the Smithsonian. It has come to […]