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Wishing happy birthday sister in heaven! #16. I wish I could hold your hand tightly, dance with you on your favorite songs, put all the cake on your face, but I cant' do a single thing because no one can fulfill your presence. May God give strength to your soul. Wishing cheer to my lovely sister in heaven! #17.

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Happy heavenly birthday sister. #2. I believe you're my guardian angel and I'm always guided by you amid misery and chaos. Today is your birthday and I'm sending lots of love to you; happy heavenly birthday sister. #3. The days we've spent together are fresh in my mind.

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"Happy Birthday Sister in Heaven" Messages for a Letter "Happy Birthday Sister in Heaven" Quotes. These quotes can be posted on social media, sent to family members, or simply read in honor of a beloved sister on her birthday in heaven. 1. "Friends grow up and move away. But the one thing that's never lost is your sister."

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Happy Birthday Sister in Heaven Wishes: A sister is the most shining as well as the most precious gem of any family. She is the heart of a father, the biggest supporter of a brother, and the reflection of her mother. Removes her from the equation and you will have nothing exciting and lovely left in your family. Losing your sister accidentally.

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Reminiscing about the old days, when you used to play with your sister. Now, she isn't with you to celebrate her birthday, here we have added heavenly birthd.

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Copy. I wish in the next birth I have you as my baby because I can't bear the pain of losing you again and again. Happy Birthday in heaven, dear sister! Copy. A sister is a best friend on whom you can rely on your last breath. But unfortunately, I lost you. Happy Birthday in heaven, dear sister! Copy.

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11. "As we celebrate your birthday, dear sister, your absence weighs heavy on our hearts, but your love still remains.". 12. "Sister, we feel your presence on your birthday. Happy birthday in heaven, we know you're smiling down on us.". 13. "Today we honor you, sister, on your heavenly birthday. Your love and light continue to guide.

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15. "Happy birthday, sister in heaven, your gentle spirit is a comforting embrace. 16. "With each sunrise, we remember your radiant smile, sister, especially on your birthday. 17. "To my sister in the stars, your birthday is a time to reflect on your loving legacy. 18.

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May the angels sing for you and bring you joy on this special occasion. Though you are not here with us, you will always be in our hearts and we will cherish the memories we shared together. Happy birthday in heaven, sister. We love and miss you. I am missing my sister in heaven more than usual on her special day.

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Happy birthday in heaven for sister in Social Media. 1. Wishing my angel sister a happy birthday in heaven. I know you're watching over me with love from up above. My heart is filled with memories of you today. 2. To my sister guardian angel on her special day, sending love and blessings from down here.

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1. Though now we live in a separate world, I will never forget you. For me, you were more than a sister. My eyes fill with tears whenever I think about you. I hope you have a great day with the other angels. Happy birthday in heaven! 2. My big sister, my second mom, happy birthday in heaven!

Happy Birthday to My Sister in Heaven, Remembering You, in Memory of Sis, Heaven Quote, Memorial

Explore our collection of 50+ Happy Birthday in Heaven Sister images. Honour and cherish your sister's memory with heartfelt messages and beautiful visuals on her special day. These images are a heartfelt way to celebrate her life and keep her memory alive.

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5. "Your cute eyes were the most beautiful eyes I knew. My little sister, may angels play with you in Heaven.". 6. "I said goodbye with tears, but Heaven received you with a smile. Enjoy your birthday in Heaven, sister.". 7. "I hope you're having a giant celebration today, Sis! Happy birthday in Heaven.".

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I wish I were there to celebrate with you. Happy birthday in heaven.". "I thought by now I wouldn't miss you as much, but you left such a hole in my life. You were the greatest treasure to me. I wish I could give you a hug on your heavenly birthday, sweet friend.". Related: 50 Best "In Loving Memory" Quotes.

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Download. Dear God, I request you to bless my sister with all the happiness because now she is living with you. Happy Birthday in heaven, dear sister! Copy. Download. I pray to God in the next birth, he will not🌷🌷 let you face all the miseries you faced in this life. Happy Birthday in heaven, dear sister! Copy.

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Happy birthday in heaven. On your birthday in heaven, I remember your laughter, your kindness, and the love you shared. You are forever in my heart. Happy birthday sister in heaven. To my dear sister in heaven, may your birthday be filled with peace, love, and all the beautiful memories we shared.